Jumbo Value Pack #5 – Is It Even Worth Writing About?

6b_tom_seaver_1As you can tell from the title, nothing spectacular about this pack. Not only did I pull mostly doubles, but there were only 35 cards (31 base set, 1 parallel, 4 inserts) in the 36 card pack.  I know eventually I would run into a lot of doubles but didn’t think it would come in packs #4 and #5. I did pull a second 2015 Topps cover man, Yasiel Puig (#350) so I will be sending that out for an autograph.

My streak of packs containing at least one San Francisco Giant is now at five. Although they are doubles I did pull a Santiago Casilla (#156) and Joaquin Arias (#299) from the pack.

If there is a theme with this pack, it would have to be pitchers. Of the seven base set cards I needed, four were of pitchers, one was a leader card featuring pitchers, and the last was a parallel card.

The inserts/parallels started with my first Baseball History insert, Tom Seaver – Miracle Mets Walk-Off On Bunt (#6B). The set consists of 30 different cards, numbered 1-15 with an “A” card and a “B” card. The A” card features a non-baseball event that occurred in a particular year. The “B” card features a baseball highlight from that same year. The other inserts were Ted Williams – Highlight of the Year (#H-8), Jorge Soler – First Home Run Silver Stripe (FH-01), and Robinson Cano – Free Agent 40 (F40-2). I also pulled my second gold border parallel, Ubaldo Jimenez (#157).

Base Set
8 Miguel Gonzalez – Baltimore Orioles
22 Tyler Flowers – Chicago White Sox
61 League Leaders / National League Earned Run Average (Cueto, Kershaw & Wainwright)
96 Sergio Santos – Toronto Blue Jays
297 Scott Kazmir – Oakland Athletics
304 Shawn Kelly – New York Yankees
342 – San Diego Padres

8_miguel_gonzalez_1   22_tyler_flowers_1


96_sergio_santos_1   297_scott_kazmir_1   304_shawn_kelley_1


157 Ubaldo Jimenez – Baltimore Orioles (Gold Border / SN 0217/2015 / 1:6)


6B Tom Seaver – New York Mets (Baseball History / 1:8)
FHR-01 Jorge Soler – Chicago Cubs – First Home Run (Silver Stripe)
F40-2 Robinson Cano – Seattle Mariners (Free Agent 40 / 1:8)
H-8 Ted Williams – Boston Red Sox (Highlight of the Year / 1:4)

6b_tom_seaver_1  fhr01_jorge_soler_1_silver   f40-2_robinson_cano_1


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All-Star Game Commemorative Custom Cards #12-22

Well tomorrow ended up being almost a week. Here are the second 11 cards, the National League manager and starters. My only disappointment is there will be no San Francisco Giants player, maybe next time?

American League All-Star Commemorative Custom Cards

12_mike_matheny_all_star_glossy_1   12_mike_matheny_all_star_glossy_2

13_paul_goldschmidt_all_star_glossy_1   13_paul_goldschmidt_all_star_glossy_2

14_chase_utley_all_star_glossy_1   14_chase_utley_all_star_glossy_2

15_aramis_ramirez_all_star_glossy_1   15_aramis_ramirez_all_star_glossy_2

16_troy_tulowitzki_all_star_glossy_1   16_troy_tulowitzki_all_star_glossy_2

17_andrew_mccutchen_all_star_glossy_1   17_andrew_mccutchen_all_star_glossy_2

18_carlos_gomez_all_star_glossy_1   18_carlos_gomez_all_star_glossy_2

19_yasiel_puig_all_star_glossy_1   19_yasiel_puig_all_star_glossy_2

20_giancarlo_stanton_all_star_glossy_1   20_giancarlo_stanton_all_star_glossy_2

21_jonathan_lucroy_all_star_glossy_1   21_jonathan_lucroy_all_star_glossy_2

22_adam_wainwright_all_star_glossy_1   22_adam_wainwright_all_star_glossy

Do you have a favorite card? Let me know who it is in the comments.

All-Star Game Commemorative Custom Cards #1-11

I decided to create some custom All-Star Game Commemorative Cards, or Glossy All-Star Cards for the players that represented the American League and National League last year at Target Field in Minnesota. The cards are modeled after the Topps All-Star Commemorative Cards that were issued in rack packs from 1984 to 1991.

The AL won the game 5-3, and outfielder Mike Trout was voted the games’ Most Valuable Player. Here are the first 11 cards, the American League manager and starters.

1_john_farrell_all_star_glossy_1   1_john_farrell_all_star_glossy_2

2_miguel_cabrera_all_star_glossy_1   2_miguel_cabrera_all_star_glossy_2

3_robinson_cano_all_star_glossy_1   3_robinson_cano_all_star_glossy_2

4_josh_donaldson_all_star_glossy_1   4_josh_donaldson_all_star_glossy_2

5_derek_jeter_all_star_glossy_1   5_derek_jeter_all_star_glossy_2

6_jose_bautista_all_star_glossy_1   6_jose_bautista_all_star_glossy_2

7_mike_trout_topps_all_star_glossy_1   7_mike_trout_topps_all_star_glossy_2

8_adam_jones_all_star_glossy_1   8_adam_jones_all_star_glossy_2

9_nelson_cruz_all_star_glossy_1   9_nelson_cruz_all_star_glossy_2

10_salvador_perez_all_star_glossy_1   10_salvador_perez_all_star_glossy_2

11_felix_hernandez_all_star_glossy_1   11_felix_hernandez_all_star_glossy_2

Do you have a favorite card? Let me know who it is in the comments. Coming tomorrow, the National League.

All-Star Game Commemorative Cards

rack_packBetween the years of 1984 and 1991, Topps placed an All-Star Game commemorative Card in each of their rack packs. I can remember buying rack packs and making a choice between one pack or another pack based off what Glossy All-Star card was showing through the cellophane. The cards commemorated the previous seasons All-Star players. For instance the cards in the 1987 Topps rack packs are for the 1986 All-Stars. Last year they were included as a 30 card insert set in 2014 Topps Archives.

They were and still continue to be a favorite inserts from my early days of collecting. Here are two of my favorites that are currently in my Will Clark collection –

13_will_clark_1   13_will_clark_1

Topps has not produced these cards in 24 years, so why am I posting about them? I thought it would be cool to recreate these favorite cards of mine to honor the 2014 All-Stars. The first card I created is one for the All-Star game MVP, Mike Trout. Here is the draft version, I am still playing with fonts and different pictures.

mike_trout_topps_all_star_glossy_1   mike_trout_topps_all_star_glossy_2

Stay tuned for the final version and the remaining other 21 cards, which I will be releasing very soon!

Jumbo Value Pack #4 – Oh My, Doubles!

177_paul_konerko_var_1 With my fourth pack comes the onslaught of doubles – 23 of them! After breaking open the pack, I only needed seven of the 31 base cards for my set. I did get my first variation card of the year, so that’s a bonus. It was #177 Paul Konerko, shown shaking hands with fans as he walks off U.S. Cellular Field for the last time on September 28, 2014.

I added one San Francisco Giant in the latest pack, rookie outfielder Gary Brown (#139). He made his MLB debut on September 2, 2014 and hit .429 with 1 RBI in seven games for the Giants.

In only my fourth pack I pulled my second Rainbow Foil (1:10), this time it was Boston Red Sox rookie Rusney Castillo (#144).

The inserts included Mark McGwire’s Archtypes (#A-11), Jason Heyward First Home Run – Silver Stripe (#FHR-12), Eddie Veder First Pitch (#FP-04), and The Babe Ruth Story – From Hurler to Hitter (#BR-5)

Base Set
96 Junior Lake – Chicago Cubs
139 Gary Brown – San Francisco Giants RC
157 Ubaldo Jimenez – Baltimore Orioles
229 Bryan Morris – Miami Marlins
236 Zack Wheeler – New York Mets
249 Jose Reyes – Toronto Blue Jays
323 Eric Hosmer – Kansas City Royals

2015 Topps Junior Lake   2015 Topps Gary Brown   2015 Topps Ubaldo Jimenez

2015 Topps Bryan Morris   2015 Topps Zack Wheeler   2015 Topps Jose Reyes

2015 Topps Eric Hosmer

177 Paul Konerko – Chicago White Sox

2015 Topps Paul Konerko Variation

144 Rusney Castillo – Boston Red Sox (Rainbow Foil / 1:10)

2015 Topps Rusney Castillo Rainbow Foil

A-11 Mark McGwire (Power) – Archetypes (1:6)
FHR-12 Jason Heyward – First Home Run – Silver Stripe
FP-04 Eddie Veder – First Pitch (1:3)
BR-5 From Hurler to Hitter (Bston Red Sox) – The Babe Ruth Story (1:2)

2015 Topps Archetypes Mark McGwire   2015 Topps First Home Run Silver Stripe Jason Heyward   2015 Topps First Pitch Eddie Veder

2015 Topps The Babe Ruth Story From Hurler to Hitter

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Random 2015 Topps Card – Steve Cishek

#254 Steve Cishek, Pitcher
Miami Marlins2014 Topps Steve Cishek

Personal Bio
Born: June 18, 1986
Birthplace: Falmouth, MA
High School: Falmouth HS (Falmouth, MA)
College: Carson-Newman College (Jefferson City, TN)
Bats: Right
Throws: Right

Career Stats
Season(s): 5
W-L Record: 15-14
ERA: 2.65
Saves: 91
Strikeouts: 284

The picture featured on Steve Cishek’s 2015 Topps Series 1 card was taken on June 4th, 2014, in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. He pitched one inning, giving up one run and earned his 13th save of the season.

Cishek was drafted by the Florida Marlins (now Miami Marlins) in the fifth round of the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft, 166th overall. He made his major league debut on September 26, 2010 against the Milwaukee Brewers, pitching two innings in the 7-1 loss.

In 2013, Cishek became the Marlins full-time closer, converting 34 of 36 save opportunities, with a 2.33 ERA. Last season he converted 39 of 43 save opportunities, with a 3.17 ERA. His 39 saves in 2104 tied him for eighth in the major leagues.

Steve Cishek Topps Flagship Cardography

2012 Topps Steve Cishek   2013 Topps Steve Cishek  2014 Topps Steve Cishek2015 Topps Steve Cishek

Random 2015 Topps Card – Tyler Skaggs

One cannot live on Jumbo Value Pack posts alone! To cure my addiction for wanting to write about something, I will be doing these Random 2015 Topps Card posts. I would like to do one everyday but with family, school, and work that may not be possible but I will definitely give it a shot. The cards featured will be ones that I have opened so far in My 2015 Topps Journey. So my first random card of the days is –

#74 Tyler Skaggs, Pitcher
Los Angeles Angels74_tyler_skaggs_1

Personal Bio
Born: July 31, 1993
Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA
High School: Santa Monica HS (Santa Monica, CA)
Bats: Left
Throws: Left

Career Stats

Season(s): 3
W-L Record: 8-11
ERA: 4.72
Strikeouts: 143

The picture featured on Tyler Skaggs’ 2015 Topps Series 1 card was taken on July 31st, 2014, in a game against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards. This was the last game he would pitch in 2014. He suffered a partial tear of his ulnar collateral ligament that required Tommy John surgery. The surgery was performed on August 13th and he is expected to miss most, if not all of the 2015 season.

Skaggs was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the first round of the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft, 40th overall.

In July of 2010, Skaggs was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks with a few other players for pitcher Dan Haren. He represented the Diamondbacks in the 2011 and 2012 All-Star Futures Game. Skaggs made his major league debut on August 22, 2012 against the Miami Marlins, giving up two runs in 6 1/3 innings to earn his first career win.

On December 10, 2103 the Diamondbacks traded Skaggs back to the Angels in a three team deal that sent Adam Eaton to the Chicago White Sox, and Mark Trumbo to the Diamondbacks. He was having the best season of his career in 2014 before his injury, going 5-5 with a 4.30 ERA, and 86 strikeouts in 133.0 innings pitched.

Tyler Skaggs Topps Flagship Cardography

2013 Topps Tyler Skaggs  2014 Topps Tyler Skaggs  2015 Topps Tyler Skaggs