All-Star Game Commemorative Cards

rack_packBetween the years of 1984 and 1991, Topps placed an All-Star Game commemorative Card in each of their rack packs. I can remember buying rack packs and making a choice between one pack or another pack based off what Glossy All-Star card was showing through the cellophane. The cards commemorated the previous seasons All-Star players. For instance the cards in the 1987 Topps rack packs are for the 1986 All-Stars. Last year they were included as a 30 card insert set in 2014 Topps Archives.

They were and still continue to be a favorite inserts from my early days of collecting. Here are two of my favorites that are currently in my Will Clark collection –

13_will_clark_1   13_will_clark_1

Topps has not produced these cards in 24 years, so why am I posting about them? I thought it would be cool to recreate these favorite cards of mine to honor the 2014 All-Stars. The first card I created is one for the All-Star game MVP, Mike Trout. Here is the draft version, I am still playing with fonts and different pictures.

mike_trout_topps_all_star_glossy_1   mike_trout_topps_all_star_glossy_2

Stay tuned for the final version and the remaining other 21 cards, which I will be releasing very soon!


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