All-Star Game Commemorative Custom Cards #12-22

Well tomorrow ended up being almost a week. Here are the second 11 cards, the National League manager and starters. My only disappointment is there will be no San Francisco Giants player, maybe next time?

American League All-Star Commemorative Custom Cards

12_mike_matheny_all_star_glossy_1   12_mike_matheny_all_star_glossy_2

13_paul_goldschmidt_all_star_glossy_1   13_paul_goldschmidt_all_star_glossy_2

14_chase_utley_all_star_glossy_1   14_chase_utley_all_star_glossy_2

15_aramis_ramirez_all_star_glossy_1   15_aramis_ramirez_all_star_glossy_2

16_troy_tulowitzki_all_star_glossy_1   16_troy_tulowitzki_all_star_glossy_2

17_andrew_mccutchen_all_star_glossy_1   17_andrew_mccutchen_all_star_glossy_2

18_carlos_gomez_all_star_glossy_1   18_carlos_gomez_all_star_glossy_2

19_yasiel_puig_all_star_glossy_1   19_yasiel_puig_all_star_glossy_2

20_giancarlo_stanton_all_star_glossy_1   20_giancarlo_stanton_all_star_glossy_2

21_jonathan_lucroy_all_star_glossy_1   21_jonathan_lucroy_all_star_glossy_2

22_adam_wainwright_all_star_glossy_1   22_adam_wainwright_all_star_glossy

Do you have a favorite card? Let me know who it is in the comments.


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