Highlight of the Year

Juan Marichal  Mike Schmidt

Highlight of the Year cards will span both Series 1 and 2 Baseball as well as the Update set. These cards will track that biggest moment of the year in baseball from 1925 to the present. The first 30 cards will be available in Series 1 (1:4 packs). Look for relic versions numbered to 99, auto versions numbered to 25 and auto relics numbered to ten.

checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-1 Lou Gehrig – New York Yankees
checkmark_15_12H-2 Babe Ruth – New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-3 Babe Ruth – New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-4 Bob Feller – Cleveland Indians
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-5 Stan Musial – St. Louis Cardinals
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-6 Ted Williams – Boston Red Sox
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-7 NEW YORK GIANTS – Win The Pennant
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-8 Ted Williams – Boston Red Sox
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-9 Enos Slaughter – St. Louis Cardinals
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-10 Ernie Banks – Chicago Cubs
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-11 Roger Maris – New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-12 Roger Maris – New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-13 Warren Spahn – Milwaukee Braves
checkmark_15_12H-14 Brooks Robinson – Baltimore Orioles
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-15 Juan Marichal – San Francisco Giants
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-16 Catfish Hunter – Oakland Athletics
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-17 Nolan Ryan – California Los Angeles Angels
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-18 Willie McCovey – San Diego Padres
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-19 Mike Schmidt – Philadelphia Phillies
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-20 Fergie Jenkins – Texas Rangers
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-21 Fernando Valenzuela – Los Angeles Dodgers
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-22 Nolan Ryan – Houston Astros
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-23 Jose Canseco – Oakland Athletics
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-24 Derek Jeter – New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-25 Mark McGwire – St. Louis Cardinals
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-26 Nomar Garciaparra – Boston Red Sox
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-27 Cal Ripken Jr. – Baltimore Orioles
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-28 Josh Beckett – Florida Marlins
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-29 Justin Verlander – Detroit Tigers
checkmark_unchecked_15_12H-30 Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers


checkmark_unchecked_15_12– Need this card     checkmark_15_12 – Have this card     (1) – Duplicates


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