The Babe Ruth Story

Hometown Hero  The Homerun King  The Called Shot

The ten-card (1:2 packs) set breaks down Babe Ruth’s career  – Walmart exclusive.

checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-1 St. Mary’s Industrial School Student
checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-2 Hometown Hero Baltimore
checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-3 Red Sox Double Threat Boston Red Sox
checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-4 Postseason Pitching Phenom Boston Red Sox
checkmark_15_12BR-5 From Hurler to Hitter Boston Red Sox
checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-6 The Home Run King New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-7 MVP in ’23 New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-8 Murderer’s Row Member New York Yankees
checkmark_15_12BR-9 The Called Shot New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12BR-10 The Babe becomes a media star New York Yankees


checkmark_unchecked_15_12– Need this card     checkmark_15_12 – Have this card     (1) – Duplicates


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