Willie Mays  Ken Griffey Jr.  Buster Posey

Archetypes is a 25-card set that salutes players that had skills that stood out from the crowd (1:6 packs). Relic cards are numbered to 99, autographs to 25 and auto relics to ten.

checkmark_uncheckedA-1 Rickey Henderson (Base Stealing) – Oakland Athletics
checkmark_uncheckedA-2 Mariano Rivera (Pitching) – New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-3 Steve Carlton (Pitching) – Philadelphia Phillies
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-4 Mike Trout (Makeup)- Los Angeles Angels
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-5 Yasiel Puig (Five-Tool Player) – Los Angeles Dodgers
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-6 Yoenis Cespedes (Fielding) – Boston Red Sox
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-7 Paul Goldschmidt (Makeup) – Arizona Diamondbacks
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-8 Giancarlo Stanton (Power) – Miami Marlins
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-9 Buster Posey (Batting for Average) – San Francisco Giants
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-10 Babe Ruth (Power) – New York Yankees
checkmarkA-11 Mark McGwire (Power) – St. Louis Cardinals
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-12 Derek Jeter (Clutchness) – New York Yankees
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-13 Cal Ripken Jr. (Durability) – Baltimore Orioles
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-14 Nolan Ryan (Pitching) – Texas Rangers
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-15 Mike Piazza (Power) – New York Mets
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-16 Johnny Bench (Hitting) – Cincinnati Reds
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-17 Tony Gwynn (Bat Control) – San Diego Padres
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-18 Ted Williams (Hitting) – Boston Red Sox
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-19 Albert Pujols (Hitting) – Los Angeles Angels
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-20 Greg Maddux (Control)  – Atlanta Braves
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-21 Jackie Robinson (Competitiveness) – Los Angeles Dodgers
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-22 Hank Aaron (Hitting) – Atlanta Braves
checkmarkA-23 Willie Mays (Defense) – San Francisco Giants
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-24 Ty Cobb (aggressiveness) – Detroit Tigers
checkmark_unchecked_15_12A-25 Ken Griffey Jr. (Hitting) – Seattle Mariners


checkmark_unchecked_15_12– Need the card     checkmark_15_12 – Have the card     (1) – Duplicates


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